Been a long time since I posted something here! Last spring my camera was stolen in Rome, and I lost a bit of the will to photograph anything I was making with my shitty cameraphone. However, I recently got a slightly nicer phone, and thought i should post stuff here again. So, please excuse the quality of the pictures. Hopefully I’ll get myself a nicer camera again at some point.

As the title of this post might suggest, I tried to make gyoza skins and pretty much catastrophically failed in doing so! The kneading and rolling out of the skins was good work out, but I neglected to put enough corn starch between the skins when stacking them when I was finished. In the end, about 4/5 skins had fused together and were unusable. I did buy some frozen ones just in case something like this might happen, but it was pretty disheartening.

I did end up using the surviving 1/5 of my skins, and they turned out pretty tasty with a pork, onion, cabage, soy sauce and sake filling.

Next time, I will remember to seperate the skins properly, maybe on seperate plates. Oops.

dough ball dough ball after 10 minutes of kneading - very smooth and elastic

dough logs rolled out into 2 logs to rest for 30 minutes

creating the skins creating the skins - had no cookie cutter, so a mug sufficed

finished skin a finished skin - satisfyingly smooth and light

finished gyoza one of the survivors post-cooking

rising time
total time


Flour Mixture
  • 240g white flour
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 120ml hot water


As specified on Just One Cookbook.